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Synapta is putting together a set of open standards and technology for digital workflow, pathways and decision support across all care settings, using Artificial Intelligence and Business Process Management.



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Health and social care needs open, capable and independent standards for collaboration between professionals, across all settings.

Computer systems are starting to support clinical decision-making, as well as tracking and monitoring health and personal involvement in care. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being discussed. Will the technology allow us to collaborate effectively?
The Synapta Code4Health Community is now working on it.

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Participate in the Synapta forum. We’ll be discussing development of clinical pathways, how best to do workflow, how can we improve process and when to use clinical decision support. Are we actually helping patients and can the tech make a genuine difference to care of patients and service users?

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The Synapta wiki will hold our growing collection of working ideas, resources we find useful or interesting, topics and things we think may help technology for the flow of care. Some is relevant directly to patients and service users, plus resources for care professionals.

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On the Synapta blog we’re sharing insight and ideas from our team, colleagues and partners to add impetus to the debate about improving the flow of care. We are prepared to offer opinions and invite comment. We will try to respond to issues and offer possible solutions.

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Healthcare BPM
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Health Standards

Current Activity

Synapta CIC, May 2017 – What’s going on now?

Last year we spent some time talking with key participants to establish our scope and methods and the early signed-up online community started to grow.

The mechanics of our blog and wiki have been tuned and properly set up. We’ve had a number of queries and comments from professional colleagues and interested individuals, many of whom are signing up to our mailing list. 

Synapta is independent of and agnostic to any given technology platform. This is because in order for it to be useful, Synapta and its work must be capable of relevance to all health system providers. Therefore our work involves consciously supporting and adopting open standards.

Because we are reliant on new and fundamental technologies to connect across systems, we’re cooperating with some of the work to get these underlying components in place, the most significant of which is an open standards EHR platform. This is taking some time, but once it is done we will be bale to push on with Synapta’s core work.

A number of open projects are already committed to a common set of information models.


FHIR Workflow Wiki

“HL7 International Logo

“FHIR Logo

The HL7 FHIR Wiki tracks documents related to the FHIR Workflow project.

Workflow in OpenEHR


This page contains material relevant to openEHR and workflow.


freshEHR Clinical Informatics


freshEHR offers clinically-led informatics consultancy, with a background in EHR development.


HANDI Health is an inclusive organisation that supports all developers of healthcare apps in the public, private and third sectors. It is neutral on platforms, standards and business models.

Advisory Panel

Synapta is inviting an advisory panel to provide guidance and direction on matters such as which areas of clinical and practical work to focus on, choices of technologies and standards, what are the practical issues to be addressed and how to get resources into this important area.


Code4health 1000p

Synapta supports the #Code4Health
Interoperability Community

C4H promotes a common goal to establish open APIs across health and care. The project board manages the governance and supports a number of action groups within community.

Common APIs are vital for different systems to be able to communicate data and share control.


Apperta Foundation
Apperta logo

Apperta is a not-for-profit community interest company supported by NHS England led by clinicians and social care professionals to promote open systems and standards for digital health and social care.